January 17, 2002

Temporary Suspension of the Use of Rebreather Units


Undersea Hunter was notified in January that Draeger USA was going to discontinue their involvement with the Recreational Dive Market.

The significance of this is that we are no longer receiving support from Draeger USA for our rebreather units, as currently we are not receiving further service or spare parts or further service from them.

It is of the utmost importance to us that all of our units are in optimum working condition at all times. Therefore for safety and liability reasons we have decided to temporarily suspend the use of our units, both for the rebreather course as well as for rental.

Aqua Lung USA will be the new company which will offer support and act as the distributor of Draeger Dolphin Rebreather products, but there will be a delay until Aqua Lung is completely set up to supply this service. We obviously hope that the delay will be as short as possible so that we can once again offer the use of the rebreathers to our passengers.

We apologize for this situation and appreciate your understanding.

We will continue to offer full support to those of our passengers who bring their own rebreathers on our trips.

Thank you,

Avi Klapfer

Undersea Hunter